About Sandpoint Group Consultants

SandPoint Group is a Woman Owned Small Business that focuses in developing wireless application strategies for government agencies and private sector companies to meet their immediate and future requirements. We provide a variety of consulting, research and technology related services for clients interested in wireless communications, spectrum management, and surveillance/security systems.

We use a team of independent Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are known for their technical expertise and experience, but also for their skill as consultants. Our SMEs have worked in the private sector, federal, state, local and international law enforcement. We are a small business that can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Mission Statement

SandPoint Group’s mission is to assist our clients in making the best technology decisions that impact the future of their agencies or companies. Our success is built upon our ability to meet the specialized needs and requirements of our clients by developing and delivering successful solutions, strategies and services. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and attentiveness to our clients' needs and concerns.

We encourage our employees and SMEs to be innovative in their approaches to strategies, solutions and training. We are a small business which allows us the flexibility to meet specific client needs in a cost-effective manner.